Evelyn not only went to bed on her own last night, but she also initiated nap time on her own today. Talk about partying hard!

Loch Ness Monster? Bigfoot? Nope, it’s a sighting of the elusive Evelyn walking!

Introducing: Elijah Wood!
Evelyn Helene’s new musical rocking elephant from Auntie Lana Helene + Uncle Mike!!! 🐘💕

Coolest One Year Old on the block!


"I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees" 🎶

Evelyn exploring the museum 💕
{Ty Aunt Lacy for the photo} (at Phoenix Art Museum)

Evelyn 09.15.14 1st Birthday Girl 💕

The Birthday Girl at Butterfly Wonderland! 🐛 (at Butterfly Wonderland)

Gifts from Opa before he heads out! (She was cheesin for him)

Evelyn’s first first birthday cake/early celebration 💕


Best Family Vaca ever ! #psw14